Mission Marie Mère des Prêtres

Supporting the Priests and the Seminarians

The Mission Marie Mère des Prêtres intends to support the Priests’ fraternal life and to help struggling Priests and Seminarians through prayer and action.

Among other things, we propose to commit ourselves to receive communion on Thursdays for the Priests’ intention and to make one particular effort offered for their vocation.

Moreover, we wish to seize all the opportunities that arise to support the Priests and their fraternity through concrete actions.

A Mission of Prayer and Action

bougiesThere already are a number of initiatives of prayer for Priests, but we are convinced that prayer should be accompanied by practical actions helping Priests and Seminarians in their vocation. For this, there is no need to imagine extraordinary things : just one kind word at the end of Mass can do so much good !

Let’s try to follow the path taken by so many saints !

Who Are We ?

We are around 20 Catholic members, coming from various countries (France, Poland, Canada and Ivory Coast), and belonging to a variety of states of life (couples and single people, lay faithfuls, seminarians and consecrated people).
To contact or join us: contact.
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