Praying and acting for priests and seminarians

Supporting priests and seminarians

Marie mère des prêtresSince the first day of his pontificate, Pope Francis has unsisted: "I ask you to pray for me. I need it so much. Do not forget that ... " Why do we have to pray for priests?

- Because when we pray for priests, we support them on their path to holiness. As they are "multipliers", their holiness will be reflected on all their parishioners!

- Because priests are "weak and fragile" like all of us, Therese of Lisieux said. Like us, they need prayer! That is why every Thursday, the day of the institution of the priesthood at the Last Supper by Jesus, the members of the Mission Mary Mother of Priests pray especially for priests and seminarians.

A mission of prayer, but also of action.

bougiesTo support priests is mostly to pray for them. The first way we propose is to commit ourselves to reciting the prayer of the Mission Mary Mother of Priests and even if possible to receive communion on Thursday for this purpose. One can also offer a personal effort for the priesthood. It is the dimension of personal prayer or parish prayer.

But we also know that the prayer must be followed by acts. That is why the second way we propose to support the priests is to criticize the priests as little as possible, and try to seize the opportunities that arise to testify our friendship. This is the concrete dimension.

We also organize events such as a day of prayer for priests!

Who are we?

We are just over 120 Catholic Christians convinced of the need to pray and act for priests and seminarians in a dozen countries (Europe, Africa, Canada). The members are lay people as well as seminarians, priests and nuns.

Following the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Priests, we want to provide spiritual and concrete support to the priests we know, with a particular concern for priests and seminarians in difficulty. We also wish to encourage the fraternal life of priests.

A biblical text that inspires us is John 19: Mary at the foot of the Cross receives John, priest, as a child.

Feel free to get to know us better, or to contact us ... and even to join us!

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